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We Recruit Niche Tech Talent.

Our recruitment technique improves the quality of hire and speeds up the time to fill specialized ML, Data Engineering, Data Science, and Developer roles, stretching tech recruiting budgets further by bringing the precision of retained search and the speed of contingent search to the market in one complete solution.

Niche roles.

Finding tech talent has become harder than ever, and for niche roles, it is that much more challenging to find the right talent. We specialize in placing hard-to-find tech talent, faster and more efficiently than you ever thought possible.

Tech specialist recruiters.

Tech requires skill, and so do the recruiters who source that talent. Our recruiters understand tech and the requirements of each role, so they can find you the right talent without all of the guesswork, saving you time and frustration.

FAANG-caliber Talent .

Experience matters, so when we’re looking for talent, we look for the best and brightest in their space. You know what you need and we know how to source, qualify and bring you hire-able talent in a market where speed matters.

Want to find Top Tech Talent?

Solve Your Tech Recruitment Problems with a Simple 30 Minute Call

What to Expect in Your Call:

Brief Introductions

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Possible Solutions

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Next Steps

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We simplify and de-risk your hiring process by:

  • Specializing in high-demand tech talent roles.
  • Shortlisting qualified, hireable candidates, specifically recruited to join your team.
  • Relentlessly working to fill your tech candidate pipeline and delivering candidate exclusivity until you choose to disqualify a candidate.
  • Providing you accountability by giving you visibility into the candidate pipeline.

Current state of tech recruiting.

Certain technical roles are far more challenging to fill than others. Software engineers, data scientists and machine learning developers are considered the most important—and most difficult—roles to fill, greatly surpassing a distant fourth—blockchain—and other roles including data engineers, power electronics engineers, SAP, cybersecurity, etc.

Download the 2024 SBR2TH Tech Recruitment Report.

At SBR2TH, we conducted a survey of 50 CHROs and talent acquisition leaders to better understand the current tech recruiting landscape. The findings indicate some meaningful areas for improvement across the industry, as well as some valuable insights on the tech recruiting process as a whole.

Our Services.

56% of surveyed talent acquisition executives describe technical talent hires to be their top priority over sales, finance, and operations, yet 78% say their internal teams only have low or moderate technical recruiting expertise. SBR2TH is here to fix the disconnect. We improve performance and meet the demand for tech talent by providing the two core services below:


“Retingent” is a type of recruiting strategy that blends the fill rate of Retained Search with the speed and urgency of Contingent Recruiting.


Pipelining blends precision, quality, speed and cost savings for recruiting candidates at volume in specific tech talent verticals.

Work with a team that lives and breathes tech.

SBR2TH is a data-driven, purpose-built recruiting service designed to make sourcing, qualifying, and hiring the most in-demand technical talent efficient, cost-effective, and transparently accountable. Find out what SBR2TH can do for your team today.

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