Mitigating Business Growth Pains

If your organisation has stopped scaling, if you have hit some stumbling block and you can’t figure out why things aren’t moving forward, you need to review the 3 core disciplines:

1. Priorities
2. Data & Metrics
3. Meeting Rhythms

✔️ Priorities – Are you clear on what your priorities need to be, are your senior leadership clear, is there alignment throughout your entire organisation on what the priorities need to be?

✔️ Data & Metrics – Do you have the data available to provide clarity on the state of all operations, is it transparent for all to see across the business. Is there enough data to provide foresight rather than reaction?

✔️ Meeting Rhythms – Is there a healthy meeting rhythm running through your business, that enables better and faster decision making?

Is there anything you would add to kick to mitigate growth pains?