How we do it.

Freedom gets results.

Our people get to work with high-speed talent that’s all-in on common goals; it makes for more fulfilling work and better financial performance.

Studio process.

Step 1.

White Space Design.

We start our journey in the design stage. This white space stage provides a map of the challenges, solutions, talent, products and services as well as a finalized initial target market.

Step 2.

Dry Dock Build.

In the dry dock, we hit our build phase, creating the brand, platforms, products, prototypes, services, team and process design to hit the market ahead.

Step 3.

Wet Dock Test.

At the wet dock stage, we bring our prototype to the market with a soft launch, testing our hypothesis, tightening up processes and operational readiness ahead of launch.

Step 4.

Anchor Up Launch.

We launch our businesses and teams with tested and realistic routes to market, with a clear vision and mission including the support, guidance and communication needed to succeed.

Step 5.

Operating Fleet.

Once the business launches out of the studio, it joins our operating fleet, where it has the financial, coaching, and fleet support to succeed on its journey.

Killing the J curve.

The J Curve is what’s taught in most educational and mainstream entrepreneurship courses today. Case in point, the J Curve is the very model that Shark Tank operates under. Hear how at nth Venture we are killing the J curve from our very own CEO Sam Sawhook.

Let’s do this.