AI vs Human Touch

AI vs Human Touch

How Far Can AI Go in Replacing the Human Touch?

Will AI take over?

One of the biggest and hottest questions in the ether today is how much AI will take over from us (us, as in people) in recruiting, engineering or whichever endeavor we choose?
We can all probably agree that there are still a lot of milestones for AI to hit before we have clarity on how deeply it will change life as we know it.

What will happen

The evolution of AI will only accelerate, so buckle up because the ride will be fast-paced and we do not know when, if ever, we will be able to get off the merry-go-round.

Keep in mind, however, that today’s AI is, in simple terms, adaptive algorithms that are fed lots and lots of data and nuance, as well as some rules.  Over time it should adapt based on inputs and express conclusions, deductions, inferences, and probabilities to name a few.

The extent of its abilities can be fairly terrifying.

The good news is AI has not yet outpaced humans in many ways.  It is the most powerful force multiplier we have seen.  While it is not the answer to every question, it can be leveraged to allow each of us to do what we do best.

People still required

Reviewing resumes can be a chore, especially when there are a lot of marginal applicants with skills that are close enough to the target that you have to read them carefully.  A well-trained AI tool could ferret out the applicants most likely to fit the target and even rank them in the order of the most likely to succeed.  Imagine that process only taking a handful of seconds rather than an entire afternoon or even weeks.

Another example where AI can drive positive change are the touch points in the candidate experience.  AI can deliver customized emails, texts, and social media messages so a recruiter doesn’t have to plan their day around making sure that candidates for 15+ open requisitions get regular updates.  This should allow recruiters to spend more time focused on driving the talent acquisition process forward.

The human touch is still a requirement, though, because people still need (and want!) to interact with people.  We still must align personalities, priorities, culture and consider our own instincts.

You are needed

I hope—and expect—that hiring processes do not become a completely AI-driven affair in the future.  Depending on the rules, the data set inputs, and the algorithms, an AI hiring manager could be completely merit-based or completely based on social credit scoring or some other construct while never really having the conscience to consider the impacts on each unique individual, their family, and career.

There is a lot for us to consider as we rush nose first into AI and there are many qualities about it that have a tremendous upside for society, but let’s not forget that people need more than a calculation.  Empathy, sincerity, connection, and such qualities add an even greater upside to civilization.  AI can allow us to focus more on these qualities but it is a long way from replacing the human touch.

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